TSWTC General Assembly 6th of May 2011- Minutes

at the Three Seas Writers’ and Translators’ Centre in Rhodes

a) The meeting was opened by the chairperson Mrs. Monika Fagerholm and the minutes from GA 2010 were approved with adding the lacking names of Mrs. Manana Dumbadze and Mr. Hannu Niklander.

b) For the chairperson of the General Assembly was elected Mrs. Monika Fagerholm and for the secretary Mr. Hannu Niklander.

c) Activity report of TSWTC was presented by Mrs. Monika Fagerholm, chairperson of TSWTC.
The board has had one meeting in corpore and two meetings by electric mail.
After that discussion concerning the difficulties in getting information about the centre and the application forms. Also difficulties in monetary transactions have become apparent.
Long discussion about the principal presence of Greece and Turkey in the board. On one hand the activity and representation of those two countries is the original raison d’ être of the whole centre. On the other hand, part of the delegates expect the board members more real activity, not only representations as quotas and mandates. Discussions in which manner to keep Greece and Turkey also in future as an essential part of the activity of the centre. Discussions concerning the importance of the contact persons to the member countries and organisations.

d) Treasurer’s report by Mrs. Janina Orlov was read aloud. Discussions about some organisations, which have not paid their membership fees. Reminders will be sent to them. Also the Nikos Kasdaglis price will be taken into consideration when calculating the economy of TSWTC in the future. The financial statement of the year 2010 and the budget for the year 2011 were accepted.

e) Professor Spyros Siropoulos, the spokesman for IWTCR and the Lord Major Savvas of Rhodes town visited the meeting and told about brighter prospects for the centre mentioning among other: “The available funds for the centre will increase and there will be a director for the centre.” The director will probably be Professor Siropoulos. Also a quite new residence will be established in Lindos at the near future.

f) Reports from member-organizations. Hamburger Autorenvereinigung, which is founded year 1977 in Germany was taken for a new member-organisation.

g) New projects were discussed, among them how to involve writers and translators from younger generation.
The Honorary president, Mr. Peter Curman told about four projects: 1) The cruising in the eastern Mediterranean See is advancing but not yet ready. 2) A new centre for writers and translators is planned at Büyük Ada in Turkey. 3) Such kind of activities are in operation also in Cyprus. 4) Contacts with Pakistanian writers are also something to wait for.
Also a decision to develop the Nikos Kasdaglis price to biannual was made. 5) Prospects that the periodical Helios would be activated and published again.

h) Membership fee will still be 250 €.

i) The meeting was concluded.