TSWTC General Assembly 3rd to 5th of May 2012 – Minutes

at the Three Seas Writers’ and Translators’ Centre in Rhodes

Day I – 03 May, TSWTC meeting

Opening word by a Chairman Monika Fagerholm:

Brief reference to October, 2011 Minutes, which include:
1. Proposals on the changes in the Statutes
2. Financial situation in the conditions of shrinking number of member-organizations
3. Invited guests
4. Movable school and translations
5. Internal matters: TSWTC election 2013
6. Peter Curman about the event on Egypt
7. Website and Helios

It was mentioned that electronic meeting was very productive.

Word was given to Peter. His main points:

Solidarity event with municipality of Rhodes and events to support Greece in Sweden. International Writers and Translators Nile Cruise, and willingness of the organizing group in Egypt to host about 50 people, including Arab writers and translators.

The outcome of the project –TV channel of culture in Cairo. Campaign for the support of Greece in Sweden.

Treasurer Janina presented her Report and remarks, stressing that:

The member-organizations have difficulties.

Suggestions on actions:
1. Writers School (on Web), or Movable School—as EU project. To employ person for writing the project. Or person from Rhodos to do the project. Working group was appointed: Manana, Janina, Imre, Dalia, Monika, Gonca.
2. Literary festivals for 3 days were discussed, including different aspects of translation. It was mentioned that there are many bilingual children in Rhodes. It was said, to involve the Department of Mediterranean Studies of the local university. As well integrate Alexander the Great in literature projects and events related to it. Accommodation suggested for participants of festival only. No travelling expenses covered.
3. Translation of Kasdaglis prize winner’s text into English and 250 Eur for translation (i.e. one fee). Contact Eleftheria of the Center for translation.
Committee for identifying the winner (Jury): Gunnar, Gonca and Gino.
Remarks of practical actions: need to look for grants and for projects. One source is Unesco. Need to contact Bente (Norway) and Swedish Institute. Siropoulos was quoted saying that: the Municipality will take part only as a part of Kasdaglis reward.

Helios: facing financial problems, but electronic version is on the way.

Day II – 04 May, GA meeting

10.25 opening of the meeting.

Presentations of the GA participants.

Participants: Dalia Staponkute, Gino Leineweber, Gonca Ozmen, Gunnar Ardelius, Hannele Mikaela, Hannu Niklander, Imre Torok, Madonna Ujmajuridze, Manana Dumbadze, Manana Rosvelashvili, Merete Jensen, Peter Curman

Members report
New projects
Communication and website
Formation of 2012 committee

Monika: Since 2010 cooperation with Rhodes has changed. Rhodes shows initiatives for cooperation, but TSWTC is on its own now. Decision was made to hold meeting via internet. First meeting took place via emails in 2011. Facebook page was created. Reduction of Board members number was made from 9 to 6. Manana and Peter implemented Kasdaglis award. TSWTC decided to contribute 1000eur for it. One fee 250eur was given for translation of the winner’s text and Kasdaglis text into English. TSWTC invited two guests for literary reading. International translation and writing school, moving European school was discussed on internet. To employ a person to write a project is necessary.

Treasure Janina: TSWTC is running out of money. Members number is shrinking. Problems with addresses. Home pages of organizations do not have the right addresses. EU projects together with grants. Specific offerings needed. UNESCO (Peter’s remark). Proposal to contact Unesco. Write a letter with proposal. Janina will talk to Visby center asking for experience of how to plan EU projects.

Auditor Merete: only members get rooms for free. Promotions letters with photos to be sent to organizations. Longer membership. The size of membership fee to be kept the same.

Discussion about Translators’ World Congress in Argentina and differences in writers’ and translators’ rights.


– Discussion on e-books and digital books, problems with publishing houses and pseudo-literature. Also about democracy in libraries politics.
– Seminar on e-books was suggested

Election committee was proposed:
Bente Christiansen, Gino Leineweber, Peter Curman

Day III – 05 May, Continuation of GA

– Gunar introduced himself.
– Continuation of discussion about European projects and working groups.
– Ebooks seminar working group proposed: Gonca, Mikaella, Imre
– October meeting on internet was suggested.

Statutes changes working group: Mette Manana and Janina

Manana proposed to change Statutes (especially members number 9 to 6) temporary and bring it back when the times are better. Draft ready before new electronic October meeting. Comments should be sent before October to the Election committee. Manna proposed to involve Rhodes people to the board.

Movable Feast—create a website and make subscription for it. TSWTC to be added as a link. Working group: Dalia, Gino, Gonca, Gunar, Imre

Next meeting planned: 12-15 May, 2013.