TSWTC General Assembly 12th to 13th of May 2013 – Minutes

at the Three Seas Writers’ and Translators’ Centre in Rhodes

12th of May 2013, Day I, 14.00h – 18.00h

  1. Opening the GA and presentation of the participants
    Opening word by President Monika Fagerholm.
    Anna Nasil owska, Bente Christensen, Dalia Staponkute, Emina Kamber, Gino Leineweber, Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo, Hannu
    Niklander, Imre Török, Jacek Moskwa, Janina Orlov, Jyrki Vainonen, Lela Abdushevili, Lily Exarchopoulou, Merete Jensen, Monika Fagerholm, Özkan Mert, Peter Curman, Tor Tveite, Vigdis Lian.
  2. Approval of agenda
    Agenda was approved with the changes of order as follows:
    Agenda Item 13 becomes Item 10; Agenda Item 10 depends on the appearance of Spyros Siropoulos (remark by secretary: as a matter of fact it took place on Tuesday morning May, 14th); Agenda Items 14 and 15 became No. 13 resp. 14.
  3. Election of the GA chairperson and secretary
    Chairpersons for GA are:
    Bente Christensen, Day 1
    Tor Tveite, Day 2, morning session
    Merete Jensen, Day 2, afternoon session
    Secretary Gino Leineweber
  4. Term reports of TSWTC (yearly and term 2010 – 2013)
    The report was presented by Monika Fagerholm, president of TSWTC (App.)
  5. Finances
    Treasurer’s report:
    The report was given by Janina Orlov. Due to the closed office no copies could be made, so the GA decided to postpone the discussion about the budget to day 2. Membership fee was paid in 2012 only by five members, but seven members paid until the begin of the GA the fee for 2012. Some questions and discussions about the report and paying morale of the members.
    Auditor’s report:
    The report was given by Merete Jensen.
  6. Country reports
    The reports were given by each TSWTC’s member
  7. Membership fee
    Due to the financial problems some members got, the GA discussed intensely about reducing the fee or not. Different opinions and arguments were exchanged. Finally, there was a proposal, to stay with the membership fee of 250 Euro, and transfer the board the opportunity to reduce it to a proper sum, in case a member is not obviously able to pay the regular fee. The proposal was accepted unanimously.
  8. Revision of TSWTC statutes
    Working group with Manana Dumbadze, Janina Orlov, and Mette Jensen proposed a change of statute in some more editorial and three contentual matters.
    The editorial matters, changing e. g. syntax in § 1a, replace the word «company» with «TSWTC», and other little details were accepted unanimously without further discussion.
    The continual matters:

    1. § 15 b changed the vote from each country to each membership. Proposal was accepted unanimously.
    2. § 16 a changed the members of the committee.
      The proposal of working group was: minimum five and maximum seven. After an extensive discussion, another proposal was made; says minimum five and maximum nine. Votes were made. The latter passed with nine to five.
    3. § 16 c changed the number of elections. The proposal of the working group was: “…can be re-elected twice and thus serve a maximum of six years. He or she can be elected again after a two (2) year’s pause.” Due to the result of the previous vote, the numbers were unanimously changed from twice to once and two (2) to three (3).
      The new statute is concluded. Full text as App.
  9. Projects and plans for the TSWTC
    In this part of the agenda the participants discussed extensively different plans, and the kind of work, and how to do.

    1. Kasdaglis Prize. Word was given to Monika. She referred about the last year’s prize and that the text in the meantime is translated. The Prize is donated for all two years. For 2014, Peter explains the municipality will conduct the prize, but would like TSWTC to continue its contribution. Decision was made to do so, and the board was delegated, trying to get the money.
    2. The GA decided on giving the Moveable Feast a go. With a separate working group, modified from the working group named at last years GA. Monika would be contact person. Mikaela expressed an interested to join, also Emina.
    3. Dalia referred about the Helios magazine and the wish of the International Centre of Rhodes to get financial support to made it appear again. GA agreed, the board shall try to find a way.
    4. Out of the assembly is proposed, to have a Seminar about new technologies, esp. e-books. The GA passed the proposal to have it at the next GA in 2014.
    5. Emina proposed workshops like she has experiences with it in Bosnia. Participants have to work at a certain topic, writing short stories, essays, poems with the aim to publish an anthology. The GA decided to put this project together with the plans of No. 2 and appointed a working group with Bente, Dalia, Emina.
    6. TSWTC should do something for education, and the GA agreed that might be part of No. 2 plus No.5
    7. Proposal was made for an seminar about Racism. GA passed the proposal and decided to have it at the GA next year.

13th of May 2013, Day 2, Morning session, 14.00 h – 17.00 h

  1. The GA continued with agenda item 5
    The situation in 2013 was discussed and referring to the current financial situation (More membership fees) the GA passed the Budget uninoumusly.
  2. Communication. Web page. New open Facebook site
    (This agenda item was former 13, now item 10)
    Monika reported about the experiences with Facebook’s board meeting. The GA agreed that Facebook a god ability for the work of the board and that this meetings has only be open to board members and the resp. deputies.

13th of May 2013, Day 2, Afternoon session, 14.00 h – 17.00 h

  1. Election of the new board (Item 11)
    Proposals were made. Votes for the number of members of the future committee was eight members.

    The names of elected new board:
    Finland: Jyrki Vainonen, (r.) / Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo, (d.)
    Georgia: Lela Abdushelishvili, (r.) / Manana Dumbadze, (d.)
    Germany: Gino Leineweber, (r.) / Nina George, (d.)
    Greece: Lily Exarchopoulou, (r.) / Yiorgos Chouliaras, (d.)
    Norway: Magne Tørring, (r.) / Tor Tveite, (d.)
    Poland: Anna Nasilowska, (r.) / Barbara Gnegorzewska, (d.)
    Sweden: Vivika Sjögren, (r.) / Stefan Ingvarsson, (d.)
    Turkey: Özkan Mert, (r.) / Emel Kaya Gözlü, (d.)

    Peter Curman as honorary present thanked in the name of the GA the members of the former board that has resigned in toto. Souvenir gifts as a simple token of gratitude were given.

  2. Date for next year’s GA (Item 12)
    The GA agreed for the next year’s meeting 11th to 13th of May
  3. Other issues (Item 13)
    No topics
  4. Conclusing. Closing of GA (Item 14)
    The GA was closed and the new committee started its constitution.