Our new board

The General Assembly on May 21 to 22, at regular intervals, elected a new board. Here are the names and positions:
Gino Leineweber, Germany, re-elected President (re-elected Deputy Nina George)
Yiorgos Chouliaras, Greece, Vice-President (Deputy Liana Sakelliou)
Dalia Staponkute, Lithuania, Secretary (Deputy Antanas Jonynas)
Anna Nasilowska, Poland, re-elected Treasurer (re-elected Deputy Barbara Grzegorzewska)
Lela Abdushelisvili, Georgia re-elected member (re-elected Deputy Manana Dumbadze)
Mesut Senol, Turkey (re-elected Deputy Gonca Özmen)
On the picture you’ll find (FLTR)
Mesut Senol, Lela Abdushelisvili, Anna Nasilowska, Gino Leineweber, Yiorgos Chouliaras
Dalia Staponkute is missing, because of attending another conference.

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