TSWTC, the Rhodes-based Council of associations of writers and translators from countries bordering on three seas – the Aegean, the Baltic, and the Black Sea – elected a new Board at its annual General Assembly on May 21, 2016. Those elected for a three-year term are Gino Leineweber (Germany), President, Yiorgos Chouliaras (Greece), Vice President, Dalia Staponkute (Lithuania), Secretary General, Anna Nasilowska (Poland), Treasurer, Lela Abdushelisvili (Georgia), Member, and Mesut Senol (Turkey), Member, while the Deputy Board Members (from the same countries) are Nina George, Liana Sakelliou, Antanas Jonynas, Barbara Grzegorzewska, Mañana Dumbadze, and Gonca Özmen. Other participants at the General Assembly included Lily Exarchopoulou (Greece), Mañana Romelashvili (Georgia), Alex Haridi (Sweden), Merete Jensen (Finland), Arno Jundze (Latvia), Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo (Finland), and Jyrki Vainonen (Finland).


Established in 1998 in accordance with UNESCO’s Charter, TSWTC (Three Seas Writers & Translators’ Council) is a non-profit organization that promotes the free flow of ideas & information and mutual understanding, through literary work, among the peoples in the Aegean, Baltic, and Black Sea countries, seeks to strengthen cooperation among literary organizations and safeguard intellectual property rights, undertakes and encourages literary & cultural activities and residencies by writers & translators, and supports library initiatives and lesser spread languages in the area. These activities have acquired a new urgency in light of the candidacy of Rhodes as a Cultural Capital of Europe.

Our next more extensiv event in Rhodes as it is also part of the activities written in the bid book for Rhodes 2021 is a workshop in the beginning of September. 12 writers from 6 countries will work with the topic: The Strange in Us. The workshop is the literary attempt to become aware what happened in us when we have to face situations in the world around us that we perceive as not common. Rhodes or the Dodecanese islands, with its different influences from abroad since the earliest times until nowadays and the experiences with it, is an exclusive background for it.

During the workshop there will be a public event in coordination with the International Writers and Translators Center in Rhodes and the result of the workshop is supposed to be published multi-lingual. The book presentation will take place in Rhodes in 2017.

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