Former Treasurer and one of the first members of TSWTC, Messenger’s Editor-in-Chief, professor, Author of several scientific works, translations, journalist Zaza Gachechiladze died at 70

It is very hard to speak about him in the past, as he has been our present for so many years. It is very painful to mention a person in the past who has changed our lives, who has stood by us for years and who has always been a dear friend to us.
“Dear friends I just received the very sad information that Zaza is dead. It comes as a chock to me. He was one of the first persons from Georgia that I got to know, and we always had a very lively and dynamic relationship. He was an intelligent man, and full of humor. I remember when he was “tamada” in the dinner for our colleagues in Rhodes, Oslo, and also elsewhere, and his toasts to the “eternal youth” of everything. I really had many good moments with him, and I consider him one of the persons who worked most seriously for the continuous international dialogue between writers and translators” – Says about Zaza Gachechiladze TSWTC former Secretary and a honorable member Bente Chistensen .
Mr. Zaza Gachechiladze created the first daily Georgia English language newspaper Georgian Times, than the Messenger as it is now in the beginning of 1990s, the newspaper which has been the most trusted to our readers for decades. He has frequently joked: “When I meet with the government, they try to tell me the Messenger is a pro-opposition newspaper, when I meet with the opposition they say the Messenger is the pro-governmental paper. It’s all good because this means we are unbiased.”

“This is true, Mr. Zaza! We have never covered any news subjectively, one-sidedly and the guarantor of the editorial impartiality has always been and will be you! We have together, as a big family, undergone many hardships and suppressions, which made us stronger and more respectful to one another. Many of those, who no longer work for the Messenger, say that you and the Messenger got them to love journalism, and played a key role in choosing their future paths in life.
Good bye Mr. Zaza! Not only had we, the Messenger, but the whole of Georgia lost you as a high-level professional, a patriot who has always tried to be of his best service to his country and particularly, younger generation” – this is the extract from the obituary Messenger stuff wrote.

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