Three Seas Writers’ and Translators’ Council (TSWTC) offers residency at The International Writers’ and Translators’ Centre of Rhodes.

The International Writers’ and Translators’ Centre of Rhodes is housed in a building complex located in the city of Rhodes. It is found at the end of Vice Admiral Laskos’ road, on the north-western side of St. Stephen’s hill (Monte Smith), from which there is an excellent view towards the sea. The building complex comprises two buildings: the first is a two-storeyed building, constructed in 1892, under the period of Ottoman rule, as is attested by an inscription found in the pebbled floor of the ground floor, in front of the entrance. The addition has been erected next to this building during the years 1920-1925, under the Italian rule.
The second building, was restored in 1996-1997. The restoration of the first building that began in the year 2000.
After the completion of its renovation, to be completed during 2001, the older building houses all the Centre’s services, that is a library for the needs of writers and translators, a multi-use auditorium, study rooms etc. The other building, the guest house, will be used for accommodation purposes, which includes 10 rooms -9 single and 1 double – each one with en suite bathroom. All rooms will provide the necessary equipment for Internet access.
There are also a common living room and a kitchen, which the guests can use to prepare their own meals if they wish to do so. The Centre also provides the necessary linen.
The guest house offers a quiet, informal work environment for a productive and pleasant stay. Through its residency programme the Centre aims to become an area of reflection, study, writing, fruitful exchange of views, namely an area where ideas can germinate through dialogue, cooperation as well as the different backgrounds of the guests.
The residency programme of the Centre offers its guests the time and space for individual reflection, study, disciplined work and participation in projects and events for a period of two (minimum) up to six weeks (maximum). The stay for members of Three Seas Writers’ and Translators’ Council is free. Travel and sustenance expenses for the duration of their stay at the Centre burden the guests.
The Centre also offers collaborative residencies for persons working on the same research or work project. The applicant must be able to produce reference letters if asked to do so. The Centre does not offer residencies to families or pets. Upon publication of their work, guests are obliged to mention that the specific work or part of it was completed during his stay at the International Writers and Translators’ Centre of Rhodes. They must also send a copy of their work to the Centre as soon as it is published. The Centre has a multilingual library with mostly literary books but also historical books on local history etc. and the guests usually donate copies of their books to the library before they leave the Centre.
During their stay, guests are obliged to actively participate in any activities proposed by themselves or the Centre: for example, literary workshops, book presentations, book readings, translation or creative writing workshops as well as workshops on people’s awareness of current issues (environment, economy, etc.), lectures at schools or open lectures, translations of works or extracts of works, artistic interventions in public places in Rhodes, teaching of music to students of music etc.
The Centre can include and publish original research and project or paper presentations etc. in the magazine HELIOS published by the Centre in collaboration with TSWTC or proceed in the publication of a specific work in cooperation with a publishing house. It is worth mentioning at this point that all bachelor, postgraduate or doctoral theses are excluded from the above. The Centre may also organize music nights with original music composed by a guest or stage painting/sculpture exhibitions with works of guests staying at the Centre. Finally, if a group of a workshop on the same specific project are staying at the Centre, they are obliged to present the course of their work or its results in case of completion of their work to the public of Rhodes.


Application form that you will find here is required. It has to be send to Writers Centre and in cc. to the TSWTC. The resp. e-mail addresses are on the application form. For further details:

The reviewing of applications is carried out by competent committees depending on the activity field of applicants. The committees take into consideration the following criteria:

  1. the quality of the project on which the applicant intends to work during his stay at the Centre;
  2. the importance and potential future impact of the particular project
  3. the professional career of the applicant
  4. the importance and the relevance of the proposed project to local society.

Applications must be completed carefully, accurately and fully. The following items must also be attached to the applications:
– A detailed summary, indicating the purposes/work that justify a residency at the Centre
– Curriculum vitae, including the writer’s works.
– A photo

Applications are submitted throughout the year and refer to a residency period in the following year. In case a residency application has not been answered within sixty (60) days, then the Centre is automatically unable to accept the applicant; however, the latter reserves the right to re-submit an application in September of the following year. Priority is given to those who meet the above requirements, members of TSWTC, and those have never before been guests at the Centre. Former guests may submit a new residency application after a year has passed since their first stay at the Centre.
For any queries, interested individuals can contact the Centre by email at rg.re1582513559tnecs1582513559retir1582513559w@ofn1582513559i1582513559


Download .docx Version of Application Form

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